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Mobile Credential Use CasesInnovative and Secure Bluetooth Mobile Credentials Enable A Wide Variety of Mobile Access Applications

3millID Bluetooth Mobile Credentials deliver a secure access credential to a smartphone, enabling the phone to behave like a typical access card when presented. In turn the reader passes the credential to the existing access control system for authentication as with a typical access badge. Mobile Access applications are easier to administer and more secure.

Sample Bluetooth Mobile Credential Use Cases

Coastal Florida Luxury Retirement Community

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Residents and Staff

Residents and staff utilize Bluetooth Mobile Credentials with their smart phone as a badge (PhaaB) to access the gym, pool gates, golf cart pathway access, and many other amenities in the community.

Oklahoma 24 Hour Auto Dealer Car Transport

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Customers

Truck drivers arrive with auto car carriers any time of day to a gate controlled dealer parking lot. Drivers use mobile credentials to drop their cars off via gate arm access any time of day.

Louisiana Law Firm

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Staff

This forward thinking law firm did not want to have to carry physical access cards but instead went with a full deployment of Mobile Credentials to allow access to their office.

Indiana Church

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Staff

Church workers utilize their Bluetooth Mobile Credentials to access various entrances to the building during and after hours.

Georgia Day Care Center

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Parent Pickup of Children

Instead of a key fob, parents can easily be issued a bluetooth credential for Mobile Access. When a new parent or daycare client is brought on or one leaves, the credentials can easily be re-allocated without having to purchase additional Mobile Credentials.

Indiana College Fraternity

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Members

The ease of administration for Bluetooth Mobile Credentials makes it easy to grant and revoke access as Fraternity House membership changes over time.

Maine Engineering Plant

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Workers

Workers at the plant easily access doors and update their timesheets with their Bluetooth Mobile Credentials.

Arizona Library

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Staff

Library staff members carry credentials for Mobile Access on their phones as a more convenient alternative to cards.

3D Robotics Manufacturing and Order Fulfillment Company in Calgary

Bluetooth Mobile Access for Workers

Mobile Credentials are used to access their smart manufacturing facility (smart phone as a badge – PhaaB) for employees in high tech environment for a forward thinking Canadian enterprise.