3millID reader products have been developed with RFID expertise and product influence in conjunction with leading access control system manufacturers to achieve the following:

  • Broad Compatibility with industry leading 125 kHz Proximity, 3millID Bluetooth Mobile Credentials, 3millID SE MIFARE® and 3millID SE DESFire EV2® 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Cards (Inline Reader is Proximity and Bluetooth only)
  • Compliant with SIA and Mercury standards for OSDP and OSDP Secure Channel
  • “Plug and Play” and “remote upgradeable” OSDP functionality for ultimate flexibility
  • 3millID Mobile utilizes proven BLE technology with industry leading 10 million plus transactions

A full line of versatile, stylish, multi-technology readers

3MillID Inline Reader

Bluetooth® + 125kHz Proximity augment reader

Revolutionary Inline reader which allows for the addition of Bluetooth capability to virtually any existing Wiegand reader in your current access control system. (Mount near door opening of legacy reader to provide best read range).

3MillID Mullion Reader

Bluetooth®, 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart and 125 kHz Proximity mullion reader

Advanced access control reader featuring a sleek mullion style design ideal for surface mounting directly to most plain wall finishes.

3MillID S-Gang Reader

Bluetooth®, 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart and 125 kHz Proximity single gang reader

Advanced access control reader designed for surface mounting directly to most plain wall finishes, and also fits onto a US, UK or EU electrical backbox.

3MillID Keypad Reader

Bluetooth®, 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart and 125 kHz Proximity single gang reader with PIN entry

Advanced access control reader featuring an integral keypad designed for surface mounting to most plain wall finishes, and also fits onto a US, UK or EU electrical backbox.

When utilized with OSDP compliant panels 3millID credentials and readers provide Card to Reader to Panel encrypted security and bi-directional communication between the reader and panel over a secure channel. In addition, when used with a capable access system, 3millID Multi-Technology Readers utilizing the latest Mercury standards are “plug and play” and are remote upgradeable from the head end system, allowing configuration changes and firmware updates to the readers.

The typical installed base of access control cards, readers and panels inherently lack security. Over the past 25 or 30 years most installed systems utilize 125 kHz proximity cards and readers which are based on early 20th century radio technology. The cards simply pass their ID data to the reader as a “broadcast in the clear” with no data encryption. In turn the Reader passes the data along the Wiegand lines, with no encryption of data, eventually arriving at the access panel for a “decision” to be made, either granting or denying access.

The industry has evolved and it is time for organizations that are serious about security to upgrade their system architecture and implementations.

By implementing 3millID credentials containing publicly tested algorithms such as DES, 3DES, and AES encryption, 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technologies such as MIFARE DESFire EV1 and EV2 and/or 3millID Mobile Credentials provide a cost effective solution and provide encryption of data on the credential and the transaction between the credential and reader. Further, utilizing 3millID readers with OSDP Secure Channel functionality provides encryption of the data from Reader to an OSDP secure Channel compliant access panel.

3millID has recognized and embraced the trend to higher security Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and expects most security savvy organizations, integration companies, security consultants and end users, will be standardizing on products utilizing OSDP technologies and contactless smart cards. 3millID intends to partner with as many organizations as possible to drive adoption of these technologies, moving away from outdated proximity and wiegand based systems.

3millID Readers Are Easy To Install!