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3millID Mobile Access Credential EcosystemIncrease Security and Convenience of Your Access Control System

With 3millID® Mobile BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Readers* and 3millID Mobile Access Credentials, it’s convenient for people to use their smartphones for access control. Smart phones can now be used for access control at up to 10 to 30 feet or can be used more traditionally utilizing the 3millID feature smart phone as a badge (PhaaB).

The 3millID cloud delivers a secure access credential to a smartphone, enabling the phone to behave like a typical access card or smart phone as a badge (PhaaB) when presented. In turn the reader passes the credential to the existing access control system for authentication as with a typical access badge.

Retrofit virtually any existing access system by simply replacing the existing readers with Mobile BLE Readers* or augment most existing Wiegand reader with the Inline Mobile Reader*. That’s correct, virtually any existing wiegand access system can be easily upgraded to work with 3millID Mobile Access Credentials. And credential issuance has never been easier, simply log into the 3millID Badging Portal, select the desired Badge ID from the Virtual Box of credentials and email the Mobile Access Credential to the desired user. Within minutes, the user downloads the 3millID Mobile App and Mobile Access Credential to their iPhone or Android Phone.

3millID Mobile products are delivered to end customers under the 3millID brand and by Private Label. Today many of the industry’s most prominent access control Distributors, OEM’s and Security Integrators are selling and installing 3millID Mobile Access Credentials and readers. Some manufacturers claim to have a bluetooth or mobile credential solution but when you really dig into details, the solution is not ready for prime time or is extremely cumbersome to deploy. 3millID Mobile technology and products are proven and in use today, with a robust cloud and ease of secure credential issuance.

*Currently offered Mobile BLE reader products include 3MIL-R11030, 3MIL-R11325, 3MIL-R11320, and 3MIL-R11330 from industry leading distributors, security integrators and technology partners. Start using your smart phone as a badge today! Visit our Mobile Credential Use Case page today to learn how others are taking advantage of 3millID Mobile Access Credentials.


  • Increase security with encryption and two factor authentication.
  • Read range up to 30 feet (depends on environment).
  • Reduce administration cost for credential deployment.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating lost badges.
  • Credentials may be transferred and reused multiple times.

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